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Community IP

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Build your team:  

Community IP is a membership organization built around relationship accountability and materially creative encounters. CIP common beliefs and customs facilitate forming teams across corporate boundaries that move technologies to revenue.  An incoming member might search for internal projects to be part of or for resources to support their own business initiatives or IP holdings.  A catalog of member capabilities , revenue generation activities and accessible IP would be available in full form to members and abbreviated form to the public.    


Realize your product:

A member comes into CIP because something is missing on their chosen path to revenue.  It may be a partner, a technology license, a creative team, marketing, financing or a host of other essentials on the path to monetization. Commonly an issued patent can be bundled with community resources and ingenuity into a full product that can be transacted for revenue.  A non-exclusive license to issued IP can serve as a seed that the CIP teams augment into an exclusive offering that has an approachable and ready to deal market.   

Capture fair revenue: 

Members consent to having their proportion of general and project revenue be governed by the group process. 

Three pathways to member, organizational and intellectual property revenue in the CIP model are:

A. Selling freedom to operate or exclusive or non-exclusive licenses to innovators, manufactures or distributors.

B. Taking a revenue interest in CIP technology based independent spun forward by the CIP process. 

C. Selling platform services to provide a product or service based on the collective expertise of the organization.  ​​

Flow diagram of revenue model A. :​