Community IP

An Intellectual Property Cooperative

Community IP is an invitation-only creative ecosystem whose members agree: 

- Established protocols on confidentiality and ownership during creative encounters.

- Distribution of proceeds from group creations are overseen by a group elected representative.
- Disputes within the group predominantly default to arbitration from within the group.
- Acknowledgement to the group of rightful contributions from within the group.

- Creation ownership and liaisons from within the group stay within the group except as agreed.

Member Benefits: 

- Innovators find their creative peers and secure ongoing revenue via contributions to successful projects. 

- IP holders monetize underutilized IP via augmentation from a diverse and motivated creative ecosystem. 

- Marketeers, Distributors and Manufactures can direct and access exclusive cutting edge technologies.

- Investors can participate without obligation and direct the early genesis of select project opportunities.

- Legal professionals may operate independently or in-house to advise, execute and profit from CIP revenue.

Team forming membership: 

Membership is through member invitation and teams operating under CIP's protocols may be formed by invitations to outsiders.  A membership agreement facilitates business safe interactions that protect the integrity of existing IP and organizes team building and aggregated combinations of creative product.


Business relationships: 

Business relationships among members and with the organization beyond the basic agreement are by mutual acclaim only and may entail specific additional agreements that regulate unfolding revenue streams from projects and naturally shifting relationships as company ownerships and participations evolve.  ​​