An Intellectual Property Cooperative

Community IP

CIP members help member ventures achieve revenue then CIP distributes a royalty back to the responsible team. 

- Complements of intellectual property, development and legal services, marketing and investment are channeled toward projects having high revenue outcomes.   

Revenue model scope: 

Model 1: Product manufactures and distributors purchase freedom to operate and exclusive operating licenses for innovations CIP productizes.  

Model 2: Independent companies spin forward as a result of help gained through membership then return a royalty on their revenue back to CIP.

Model 3: Members assemble internal teams that use Community resources to independently create revenue then provide a revenue royalty back to CIP.‚Äč

Scope of services:

- Provide a collaborative venue for commercializing issued IP.

- Provide an agreement bonded venue for generating project and company teams. 

- Provide the missing pieces to revenue generation from an accountable membership.

- Focusing on software and hardware intellectual property commercialization.