Community IP

An Intellectual Property Cooperative

About us:

We are a small group of Boulder entrepreneurs developing a scalable member based platform to improve, fund, protect and realize revenue through collective innovation.  CIP's organizational meetings and technology presentations are held at CIP's Boulder development lab and local meeting spaces. 

About CIP:

CIP is a member sponsored membership organization.  Member elected governance distributes recognition and reward towards maximizing the enthusiasm, creativity and revenue generation of the organization and its members.  CIP supports member ventures by reducing their risk and broadening the cooperative's expertise.  

About the Sharing Economy:

In the Sharing Economy high investment resources with excess capacity are shared with customers over a trusted low-friction platform empowered by technology.  In AirBnb, owner/hosts profitably provide temporary accommodations to guests they approve in a safe and friendly environment. The CIP platform is also designed to provide low transaction friction and high trust and accountability through shared standardized agreements and group meetings, both in-person and virtual.  

About CIP Intellectual Property:

In CIP, intellectual property is broadly defined to include patents, artistic creations, trade secrets and copyrights.  It may also refer to an entity's skills and resources from analysis to marketing. Through the CIP membership platform, member's excess intellectual product may be augmented, rendered more transact-able and delivered to more customers in more markets while returning fair reward to CIP and it's innovators.